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Tornevall Networks is a non-profit non-organization - meaning, this site delivers private projects in the form of open source. But instead of creating applications private only, they are created to work for others too.

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This is where everything happens - if you need to configure an API, this is where you do this. You are reading this page, since you have not chosen to do anything, yet. Do you find this interesting and want to contribute? Click the link below to get some useful links!


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This site is not owned by any company or organization. Our finances are actually zero and the site is handled privately on spare time - and time is something we do not have much of. Would you like to give us financial support, by donations? You can do this here!

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Take control over your flow

Latest Posts

SpamAssassin configurator is online

Do you use a hosted e-mail address at Tornevall Networks? Then, a spamfilter configuration interface for SpamAssassin has just been brought online! The layout is responsive and easy to handle. Example screen dump below: To use this configurator you need to register yourself at TorneAUTH with a mail address hosted by Tornevall Networks. When you […]

TorneAUTH v4.0.0 just released

Yes, it is true. This is (at least for me) a groundbreaking change since everything will be easier to handle from now. The new portal is underway, but needs to be tested before the content at will change its look. But we’re near and that also means that DNSBL 5.0.3 will be available, with […]

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