What happened since spamassassin?

Since the spamassassin configurator went online, our DNS editor has been published and it is currently working great.


The most common address pointers works as they should and we’ve changed the way that live updates goes to our DNS cluster, so most updates are live as of 600 seconds that is our primary TTL for all pointers. This means that if nothing is cached in a DNS out there, the changes will be instant. If they have been cached, you usually say that it takes between 24-48 hours before changes are updated, but the TTL normally helps to expire entries within five minutes. Also, TXT pointers are working perfectly now, which means we can add DKIM entries straight into the DNS, if there are wished to activate signing for outgoing email.


The E-Mail server is brand new. It is located in Germany instead of our local virtual network in Sweden, so we can prevent unusual circuit breaks or network loss – we also got better backups this way. The decision to throw out the highly trustworthy qmail was warmly welcome (qmail is still great, but it’s complicated when it comes to adding new functions). Thanks to this, we now support DKIM better, which has not been the case before. With SPF, DKIM and DMARC we’re not only helping ourselves – we also help others to easier block spam. Which actually happened for a few days ago, when noreply@tornevall.org was abused (not from here, it was rather spoofed). With our old SPF pointer, many providers were able to stop the messages. However, after this we decided to reject mail with -all instead of ~all, in the pointers on all our and hosted domains in the future.


A bug found in the TorneAUTH core which prevented much of the activity on this site. This has been fixed now. Unviewable pages are back!


And I think that’s it for this time!

SpamAssassin configurator is online

Do you use a hosted e-mail address at Tornevall Networks? Then, a spamfilter configuration interface for SpamAssassin has just been brought online!

The layout is responsive and easy to handle. Example screen dump below:

To use this configurator you need to register yourself at TorneAUTH with a mail address hosted by Tornevall Networks. When you are logged in, you need to link your TorneAUTH-account to theĀ APIv3-engine! Despite the internal use of this API endpoint, it is well documented.

TorneAUTH v4.0.0 just released

Yes, it is true. This is (at least for me) a groundbreaking change since everything will be easier to handle from now. The new portal is underway, but needs to be tested before the content at www.tornevall.net will change its look. But we’re near and that also means that DNSBL 5.0.3 will be available, with new capabilites to scan for blacklisted hosts and delisting them.

Reinitializing the project

For a long time, the AuthProject has been planned to make it easier to create new API applications and flow control. As it is hard to find time doing this, I finally gave up the hope of building a platform for this. There was a lot of focus on creating login systems, etc, and this has been the major issue as – as said – there has been no time at all for this. So, now, this is a kind of reboot of the project where the only focus lies ahead is the API.

The current API version I’m working with is 3.0 – more about this will come soon. Rebuilding this platform in a WordPress-supported environment might also be positive for our plugin development, that also has been resting for a long time…