TorneAUTH v4.0.0 just released

Yes, it is true. This is (at least for me) a groundbreaking change since everything will be easier to handle from now. The new portal is underway, but needs to be tested before the content at will change its look. But we’re near and that also means that DNSBL 5.0.3 will be available, with new capabilites to scan for blacklisted hosts and delisting them.

Reinitializing the project

For a long time, the AuthProject has been planned to make it easier to create new API applications and flow control. As it is hard to find time doing this, I finally gave up the hope of building a platform for this. There was a lot of focus on creating login systems, etc, and this has been the major issue as – as said – there has been no time at all for this. So, now, this is a kind of reboot of the project where the only focus lies ahead is the API.

The current API version I’m working with is 3.0 – more about this will come soon. Rebuilding this platform in a WordPress-supported environment might also be positive for our plugin development, that also has been resting for a long time…